January 29, 2020

Canon Printer in error state – A guide of methods to fix it

Posted By : John Allen

The issue of the Canon Printer in the error state can occur due to many valid and common reasons. If your printer has stopped functioning and showing an error state issue then it’s the right time to get it rectified.

Whenever the canon printer displays this error, you should start by checking its connection to the computer system and other devices. Most of the time, you receive this sort of error because of printer installation mistakes. Even if there is any installation mistake, it’s easy to fix them with some steps. Well, before you start troubleshooting this error, it’s crucial to find out what caused this error to trigger.

So, scroll down and learn more about the cause that triggers this printer’s error state issue and its solutions.

Why does ‘canon printer is an error state’ occur’s?

  • Corrupt printer drivers
  • Some sort of disturbances during the installation of the printer on the computer system
  • Incorrect connection of the printer to the devices
  • Not updated operating system
  • No permission settings

Fix the canon printer in error state Window 10:

Have you got stuck in the middle of the work as your printer is not functioning? Nothing can be more frustrating than facing this glitch while doing something important. This is a stressful situation for those who have to perform some crucial personal and official printing work.

1. Restart both your canon printer and computer

If the printer’s connection to the hardware is fine and you are still facing the printer’s error state, go for a simple solution. Restarting devices is an effective way of troubleshooting the printer’s issue.

  • Make sure you have shut down your printer for some time.
  • Also, close the computer’s programs
  • Choose ‘restart’
  • Wait for some time so that your system and printer can be rebooted
  • Now, turn your canon printer on
  • Check if the printer has started working fine or not.

In case, you have still stuck with the same problem, you can go for the next solution which is mentioned below:

2. Verify and make proper connections

Having a printer in an error state issue is a common scenario, especially for new users. When the printer is not connected to the computer properly, you might witness such an error. Unplugged cables or problematic connections won’t let your printer function well. Also, a damaged cord can interrupt the connection.

Steps to check the printer’s connection with the device

  • Go and check the wireless network of the printer.
  • Ensure there’s a strong connection. If not, connect them properly to establish the connection.
  • Have a look at the printer’s power cable to check if there is any damage.
  • Once done and if everything seems well, run a test print

3. Don’t forget to update the canon printer driver

Are you still struggling with the Canon Printer in error state windows 10? Simply, reinstall the printer’s driver and update it. One of the best solutions that you should try is to reinstall or update the printer driver.

If there’s any issue of incomplete installation of the printer driver then you will have to follow this solution. An outdated printer’s driver sometimes results in the malfunctioning of the printer. So, make sure that you have updated the printer’s driver to overcome the error state glitch.

  • First of all, disconnect your printer from the device
  • For this, tap on the ‘Control Panel’ from the computer system.
  • Navigate to the option of “View devices and printers”.
  • After choosing your device, tap on the ‘remover printer’ and then download again
  • Navigate to the website of canon
  • From here, search for your printer’s drivers and software.
  • Tap on the ‘download’ link. Once done, install the file.
  • Once the download is completed, open the file
  • Read and follow the on-screen instructions and then again install the canon printer driver.
  • Then click Finish.

Hopefully, your canon printer will start working perfectly well after trying these solutions. As these are effective solutions, you’ll surely get rid of error state issues.

Summing Up!

Hopefully, your canon printer will start working perfectly well after trying these solutions. As these are effective solutions, you’ll surely get rid of error state issues. However, still, if you find being tied up with the issue, consider taking the help of Canon Printer Support.

Frequently Asked Questions

When the canon printer keeps blinking, it is indicating some sort of glitch with your printer. If a printer is in an error state then it blinks constantly then you need to have a look at it. Blinking the printer is a way of indicating to you then something is wrong and the printer is now going to the error state.

Corrupt data might cause the printer to stop. Secondly, a problematic connection between the printer and the computer system can also give rise to this issue of Canon Printer in error state windows 10. The connection between USB port drivers or printer drivers is also a significant reason for the occurrence of this issue.

By restarting the printer and computer system, you can troubleshoot the error state of the printer. Along with this, updating the printer’s driver can also be an effective way of fixing this issue.

A disturbing connection between the printer, USB, and computer can make this error happen. So, users need to check the connection before trying any troubleshooting solutions. By comprehending the root cause, you can get the issues to be fixed in no time.

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